Every child deserves to breathe clean air.

This is a storytelling platform created by mothers for mothers, parents and guardians everywhere

Our shared mission is to empower mothers and parents from all over the world to share their testimonies about how air pollution is harming their children, or fuelling worries about their children’s future.

We believe stories have the power to change the world.

Who are we? Mothers fighting for clean air for all children.

We are three mothers whose children have been impacted by air pollution in different ways in different places.

Our stories are not the same, but our mission is: to make sure that children everywhere no longer have to suffer disproportionately from the dangers of breathing poisoned air.

We know that children around the globe can grow up in a world that's committed to, and achieving, clean air for all. And we are working to make this possible.

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Air Pollution is a public health emergency

Air pollution is a massive public health emergency that affects nearly everyone. It harms children more acutely than adults. Nine out of 10 children worldwide breathe air that is polluted at a level that will affect their health. For many it causes life changing illnesses, even death. But all too often, parents and carers have to deal with the effects of air pollution by themselves.

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Stories have the power to change the world. You are invited to share your testimony on this site. This is your platform to share with the world how your child is or has been impacted by air pollution, or simply express your worries about the impact of air pollution on your child or children. You can also use this platform to browse other mothers' and parents' testimonies and see that you are not alone.

Together these testimonies will help drive better awareness of the problem with politicians. They can also support calls to policy makers and other leaders to take action to clean up the air our children breathe.

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