Leer las historias from Mexico

Leonor desde Mexico

Imagine this, there’s a little girl from a small town in Mexico surrounded by cotton and vineyard fields, who enjoyed every minute of her life when being outside. Almost 50 years ago it was so normal for kids her age to be out in the streets or fields playing with other kids under the bright sun and breathing crisp clean air that filled their healthy lungs. More than 40 years later, this little girl is now a mom of 2 teenagers whom she adores and would give her life for, living in one of the most polluted industrial cities in Mexico named Monterrey.

She knows that air pollution affects more than 93% of the children around the world and that they need to breathe more times per minute than the adults because of their tiny lungs making it even more dangerous for them, it greatly affects their health and development. In addition, she, her family and the whole planet face what she believes is the greatest threat caused by men, climate change. Her mission is to do whatever it is in her hands to leave the best world possible for her children.

So as you can guess this is me, both my children are active too, they give presentations about climate change and how to lower one’s footprint, we as family have participated in all the local protests and marches for future, my son was invited to the first UN youth climate summit in NY and the day before we participated in the great march lead by Greta, so amazing all the youth vibes in the air! My son and I are both climate leaders with The Climate Reality Project. I’m also part of groups and movements such as Padres por el futuro Mty, Comité Ecologico Integral, ACA Mty, Observatorio Ciudadano de la Calidad del Aire del Area Metropolitana de Monterrey and others where I work with great people with whom I share the same love for our environment.

I feel blessed that my family and me, we all work in the same direction towards what we believe is one of the most important fights in our lives.