Papiya Pal from India

I am from Durgapur, West Bengal from a steel plant and coalfield area. My children and I have to go through the GT Road and the road is fully covered with polluted smokes and coal dusts. Sometimes the road is so much covered with this smokes and dusts that the vehicles cannot see the road properly in the early morning. Even sometimes many accidents are held due to to this pollution. Once I saw bus accident due to this polluted smoke, where the bus was fully damaged and near about 7 people died. Apart this the workers of the Durgapur Steel Plant or the workers of the Eastern Coalfield Limited areas are having diseases like asthma etc. Even the people live near the area of Durgapur Steel Plant or Coalfield areas are having many types of breathing problems. Nowadays due to this pollutions and coal dusts many birds like Sparrows, Koels and even Parrots also are getting extinct. This is true that in this lockdown for covid-19 disease; when none of the vehicles where on the road, all of the factories and industries where closed down for at least five to six months, then our Mother Nature had cured herself.

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