Mother from India

Living in a big city like Delhi has a lot of its own challenges. Our constant focus is on our tangible needs and demands, and we work tirelessly to fulfil these. Amidst this we forgo other essential needs of our lives like fresh air or water. Being a mother, I was worried about pollution in the city but felt helpless. A few years back, while reading an article I had a shocking revelation: I was aghast to know that just 2-3 miles away from our own house we have a factory emitting heavy toxins, by burning mixed waste - probably 24 X 7. It's a Waste – to – Energy (WTE) Plant. I was told we have three of these in the city.

The incinerator adds dioxins, furans and heavy metals to the regular fumes in the city. Furthermore, we noticed remains of the small black burnt ashes in our balconies coming from the WTE plant. It would not be wrong to assume the tinnier of these are actually entering our respiratory tracts. We are living in constant fear as we know of many people suffering with cancer, asthma or lung related disease in the vicinity.

As parents we are deeply concerned. We had to restrict the timings of our child from playing outside. Today I am worried, anxious and very angry looking at the state of affairs where due to lack of political will we are letting our child breathe bad and toxic air.

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