Mother from India

After TANGEDCO acquired farmlands and salt farms for the construction of an ash pond near my village (Seppakkam Village, Thiruvallur District, Tamilnadu), we, the residents of Seppakkam have witnessed a dramatic transformation to the landscape.

Large parts of the residential area is now perpetually inundated by coal ash dust and ash slurry leakages from the pipelines. The village was very nice until the coal ash pond construction started. Later on, the coal ash started coming into the village. Earlier we used to farm on this land but now we are not able to grow a single plant because of the impure soil. We used to grow crops here and use the produced crops for consumption. But now the entire cultivable land has turned into coal ashpond.

I get breathlessness regularly and my two children (boys) fall sick frequently because of the pollution in the village. Often their eyes become reddened with irritation and they get skin allergies on hands and legs. Almost every month we visit a doctor because of our ailments.

The trucks carrying fly ash from the coal ash pond originates from here and these trucks pass by our village round the clock resulting in constant dust pollution.

We are poor but we need clean air and good health for our children too. We need justice!

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