Mother from United Kingdom

I know the traffic fumes are poisonous, not because I am a doctor or a scientist, but because I have a nose. They just smell so bad, I feel as if I am choking on diesel sometimes. A while ago the government said we should put plastic covers over the pushchairs when we were doing the school run and I saw an advert with children in playgrounds wearing gas masks. It's scary but then we forget about it because what can we do? We can't wear gas masks and a plastic cover probably won't protect my 2 year old from the fumes, which come out of the cars at exactly her height. I cannot see how we can get rid of all these cars. People don't want to take the bus or the tube now because of COVID. I don't want my daughter to breathe these fumes. I try to keep the windows closed at home but they keep them open at the nursery. I try to imagine breathing clean air, but honestly in London the air stinks wherever I go. Its hard enough to keep going and keep up with life. I don't want to have to worry about her air.
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