David Pedersen from Canada

Air pollution has long been a concern for me, but it was only last year (2020) that I really realized just HOW bad it is. When I read heartbreaking stories of people who can't go outside - even into their own yards - because the exhaust from nearby roads and/or the smoke from neighbouring chimneys is preventing them from doing so (at least without damaging their health), it spurs me to act. I was fortunate to meet several wonderful communities of dedicated activists fighting for clean air on all fronts, and thanks to them I have learned just how truly critical it is that the air in our communities remains clean, fresh, and breathable. Indeed, we cannot afford to postpone clean air solely for ideological or economic purposes, as doing so is an obvious fallacy that carries deadly consequences. As the guardian of several young children and an older family member living with advanced COPD, I want to know that our leaders - the ones we rely on to protect us from harm - are willing to put partisan politics and ideologies aside to ensure that no one anywhere in the world is forced to breathe dirty air (at least involuntarily). There are multiple ways to get there, and all must be objectively evaluated and compared. I would also like to see a special focus on phasing out the burning of solid fuels where alternatives exist, especially having grown up with a father who has - well, HAD (until recently) - a passion for burning wood during the colder months (when the house would fill with smoke and nosebleeds would be common). Thank you for the opportunity to testify. (ref.: https://woodsmokepollution.org/index.html)
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