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Sara from Canary Islands

I'm Sara, mother of two healthy boys.

We are lucky because we live in the Canary Islands, a lovely place from where you can see blue sky and at nights we still can see the stars.

People live here thinking that air pollution is not our problem. But it is.

The most worrying thing is that we can't see the invisible enemy that our bodies breathe every single day. Our children's do too.

And when I look into my children's eyes I feel that they don't deserve the robbery of their present and their future.

They don't deserve the stealing of their lives that we are giving them.

They deserve Leaders that make all the possible and a little of the impossible to make policies that restore the Earth.

Policies that don't mean the least we can do.

All the children of the world need Leaders that fight against the Climate Emergency, people that take care of the planet, and parents that fight for their Future, and I want to be one of them."